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What does it mean to those high bay related to UL approval

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Frequently Asked Question:

What does it mean to those high bay related to UL approval? 


1.  The safety of high bay can be guaranteed: in terms of insulation and fireproofing, the products can be guaranteed because of UL strictly rules for anticreep and temperature rising. If there are safety problems in the period of using, customers can ask for UL company to solve it.

2.  With high quality: The raw material must has passed UL approved, meanwhile, Production process must meet operation standard. The factory will be examined by UL inspection personnel every quarter. If can’t meet the UL standard, the factory have to adjust or even be canceled the certification.

3. Country of Origin could be found: As the Raw material and Production process of product have to be strictly checked by UL, the place of factory could be told.

4. R&D ability of a company: A huge amount of funds has to be invested to UL approval, besides that, research staff also need to have a deep understanding of Approval, then UL can be passed.

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