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How do you ensure that high bay lights LED are of high quality

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Frequently Asked Question: How do you ensure that high bay lights LED are of high quality?

Answer: SNL has put in place measures that ensure that the high bay lights LED products are of top quality right from the materials’ purchases to the end of the production line. Backed by an all-round quality control certification, all products assuredly emerge with exceptional quality. The full set of strict inspection processes including IQC, OCQ,QC&A are all geared toward the production of superb quality LED high-bay lighting. The quality control certification including CE-LVD, CE-EMC, FCC, UL and DLC are all indicative of SNL's ideality of top-notch quality in all products such as the 100-250 Watts LED highbay lighting.

A well-trained and committed team of the technology department assesses in detail all the production process to make sure that each component and every single part and stage of the production process is working efficiently. This results in the final product looking technically right in every aspect of it. A series of quality tests as outlined in the quality control section ensure that the finished product is of outstanding quality.  The tests conducted on the products include system test and optical test, aging test, water-resistance test, spot overview andvisual/appearance inspection. The manufacturing techniques of processing also aid in the production of high quality high bay lights LED products.

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